Carotecnews Comment:

We are sending The Future of Food by James Corbett because it is an excellent expose of the corporatist food system.  Corbett addresses how new technologies will worsen the quality of food.

We have written about the politics of food at length since our inception. The subject is deeply personal to us because we buy organic, grass-fed and soy-free eggs, chicken, meat and dairy.  Weaponizing food has historic parallels as Corbett explained.

High quality supplements, too, are always in the gunsights of government and corporate power that seek to impair health.

We urge all to consider supplements that increase the body’s glutathione system, such as alpha lipoic acidmilk thistle extract, and s-acetyl-glutathione. The body’s glutathione system expels toxins and resists radiation. 

We reported last year that Dr. Delgado, a Spanish PhD, used glutathione therapies against 5G and graphene poisoning for those said to be affected by COVID-19.

Keeping glutathione levels sufficient is necessary for survival.