Dr Tess Lawrie, MBBCh, PhD​

Jan 6

As you well know, I am not exactly a fan of the Covid-19 injections. These so-called ‘vaccines’ are causing immeasurable harm and are so ineffective, they actually make one more likely to fall ill with Covid, not less.

Given you’re reading this, chances are you know all this and have done for a long time. I would also hazard a guess that if someone offered you a Covid vaccine or booster today, you would run a mile in the other direction. Many people have been prepared to lose jobs and livelihoods rather than get injected with these risky pharmaceuticals and lose their health, recognizing that the regulators have failed to do due diligence on our behalf and those pushing them are not to be trusted.

So, I’d like to suggest something that may seem radical, but bear with me. Having listened now to several experts and done a bit of my own research, I do believe we should have the same strength of feeling about electromagnetic pollution, otherwise known as electrosmog. That is, the vast and complex soup of radio frequency (RF) radiation emitted by masts, microwaves, mobile devices, Bluetooth speakers, SatNavs and so on, that we swim in every day.

Turns out there’s ample evidence that has been ignored and suppressed that shows that electrosmog is damaging to all life on this planet, including ours. With the aggressive introduction of 5G, this is potentially getting much worse – and this is something we’re going to explore in this Sunday’s Tess Talks with 5G activist Ian Jarvis.

Ian recently gave an excellent presentation on 5G at the WCH General Assembly meeting, which I strongly recommend viewing; our GA audience also heard from author of The Invisible RainbowArthur Firstenburg. I invited Ian to join me for a Tess Talks so that we could talk more about this tricky topic. It was during our conversation that the various parallels between RF radiation and Covid-19 injections became increasingly clear to me.

I do not draw this parallel lightly. It is important to acknowledge that Covid injections have caused almost immediate loss of life in some cases, and are implicated in the unexpected deaths of children, men and women that are occurring around the world. I have not come across cases of people dying instantly upon contact with manmade RF radiation (other animals are another matter). Keeping this in mind, let’s look at some of the similarities these two apparently disparate scourges bear:

Regulatory capture

We are acutely aware by now that the regulatory bodies charged with authorising new drugs are too compromised by private interests to be effective. I covered this extensively in a previous post. In the telecoms industry, the situation is arguably worse. The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) is a commission based in Germany that determines the exposure limits for radio frequencies used by devices.

It is a private company and does not issue regulations, only ‘guidelines’. It calls itself ‘independent’ but is effectively run by the industry it’s supposed to be regulating, as Ian explains in our conversation.

There are now thousands of studies demonstrating harms of RF radiation, but ICNIRP maintains that it is safe, citing a handful of studies that show no effects, and basing its position on thermal (heat) effects only. However, a negative study does not negate a positive study. The idea that one can dismiss a significant body of evidence demonstrating harm on the basis of a handful of studies demonstrating no harm, is absurd.

One must also consider that ICNIRP’s guideline for limiting the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) from a mobile phone is based on a six-minute one-off exposure, tested on a plastic head modelled on a male US army recruit. So, if you’re an elite military man made of plastic and only spend six minutes on the phone, you’ll be fine apparently. If you’re a woman or a child, or just not made of plastic, or spending more than six minutes on a mobile phone each day…well, good luck to you. It’s almost funny, if it weren’t so shocking.

In the US, the ‘independent’ regulators called the Federal Communications Commission, actually profit from the industry they are regulating, by auctioning off microwave frequencies to the highest bidder, without any investigation into the safety of these frequencies.

One has to marvel at the ignorance of man that believes that nothing exists beyond our five senses.

We are electromagnetic beings and our bodies function through both chemical and electric messages – our hearts are electromagnetic energy generators – so we will definitely be affected by electromagnetic frequencies in our environment and on our person.

5G is to radiofrequency radiation (RFR) what mRNA is to vaccines

2G, 3G, 4G and now 5G – the sequential nature of these technologies gives the impression that 5G is just an upgrade of existing tech. This is very misleading. 5G is entirely new, in the same way that mRNA is novel. This fifth-generation technology includes higher millimetre wave frequencies developed by the military and used for crowd control. Because these waves are easily blocked – by buildings, cars, trees, bodies – they need more antennas to make them work. Millions upon millions of them. These antennae – including the ones inside 5G phones – work together in a phased array, concentrating their energy into high power beams. The resulting exposure is exponential, and in any one spot, unpredictable and unmeasurable. And yet, as the 5G Appeal website points out, “No evaluation of health effects, nor of effects on wildlife and the environment has been undertaken [by industry or regulators].”

5G’s roll-out is shrouded in mystery

One of the major sticking points against Covid injections is that their manufacturers have not fully disclosed their ingredients. Similarly, there is an astonishing lack of transparency in the technology being used for 5G. There is no standard definition as to what 5G technology actually incorporates and there is considerable variation between telecoms companies in different countries. When there is so little clarity, one wonders how the impacts can ever be adequately assessed.

The potential health and environmental impacts are devastating

The harms caused by RF radiation are well documented. The Radio Wave Packet put together by Cellphone Task Force gives a well-referenced summary of harms to human health, which include:

  • Impaired memory
  • Cancer
  • Headaches, dizziness, fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Chest pain, cardiac arrhythmias, cardiac arrest
  • Breathing difficulties, asthma
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Skin rash, hair loss, eczema
  • Decreased appetite, digestive issues
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Tremors, weakness, muscle spasms
  • Seizures, paralysis, stroke
  • Anxiety, depression, psychosis
  • Mitochondrial damage

The scope of symptoms is alarming, and yes, many of these health issues have been associated with the novel Covid-19 injections. Yet while mRNA injections are new, RF devices have been around for decades. The harmful effects have been known for almost as long – and yet remain largely ignored. Not just by industry, but by the world at large.

We are seeing a rapid proliferation of masts being placed on schools and homes, on streetlamps, roundabouts, in the ocean floor… everywhere, it seems. Why has such a toxic technology been rolled out across the world unchecked?

Perhaps part of this wilful blindness is because we have been conditioned for so long to believe that humans are primarily biochemical creatures. We can easily understand that being injected with an experimental gene therapy has a direct impact on our body systems: our organs, blood, muscles and bones. But we have only been told half the story.

We are electrical, as is all life on this planet.

If we can really get to grips with this, then perhaps we will recognise the true horror of the thousands of satellites being launched into space, the billions of antennae being installed in our neighbourhoods, and the many devices we have come to rely on.

In the meantime, we must do what we can to protect ourselves, and to educate each other about the known harms. Thanks to the tireless work of activists like Ian Jarvis, Arthur Firstenburg at Cellphone Task Force and many others, there are so many wonderful resources to help us. Here are just a few options:

  1. Watch Ian’s presentation at the WCH General Assembly meeting on 5G, which includes steps we can take to limit our exposure
  2. Listen to Arthur’s presentation at the WCH General Assembly
  3. Visit Cellphone Task Force’s website for a plethora of information on RF radiation, including the Radio Wave Packet
  4. Read Arthur Firstenburg’s book The Invisible Rainbowavailable in nine languages
  5. Read the International 5G Space Appeal and consider signing it
  6. Tune into my conversation with Ian this Sunday morning.

These new technologies are sold to us as part of an inevitable digital future we can’t avoid. But there’s nothing inevitable about it. Indeed, this future can only really unfold if we consent to it. Let’s explore this more in this Sunday’s Tess Talks.