Dr Hans Nieper was a long-time friend of Tom Valentine, Carotec co-founder. Valentine reported on Dr Nieper’s spectacular results using alternative therapies for cancer, heart disease and multiple sclerosis. 

Valentine visited Dr Nieper’s clinic in 1991 in Hanover Germany, though the two corresponded since the 1970s. 

Dr Nieper treated “powerful” as well as “regular” people in his clinic in Hanover.  

We knew some of Dr. Nieper’s patients personally, the regular folk. 

Valentine broke the story that Red Button’s wife was successfully treated by Dr. Nieper. 

We are sending this article Dr. Nieper wrote on catalytic converters because it contains interesting information which was swept under the rug.  Dr. Nieper was “on to” the role toxins play in triggering dormant viruses, an interesting concept which leading researchers address in different contexts. Note that Dr Nieper also addressed significant EMF exposure by catalytic converters and asked about its detriment to health. 

Though outside the scope of this article, we must make mention of the fact that Dr Nieper treated President Ronald Reagan. Dr Nieper wryly asked Valentine if he noticed Reagan’s complexion was “orange.” Valentine knew this meant that Reagan was getting a lotta carrot juice, with cream, which was fundamental to Dr Nieper’s treatment. We mention this because at the same time, Dr Nieper’s presence was widely attacked by United State Federal authorities and their surrogates.

It’s time to stop whitewashing the powerful who use alternative treatments then, ruthlessly suppress them for “regular folk.” 

Speaking of the regular folk, one of our customers was a patient of Dr. Nieper who was treated in Hanover was diagnosed with  multiple sclerosis in the US, but Dr Nieper said he was misdiagnosed. This man lived in pain, no matter the diagnosis. Dr. Nieper provided natural remedies that helped relieve this man’s pain but US Federal authorities prevented him man from receiving products in the US. 

Dr. William Frederich Koch, an American physician who held a PhD from the University of Michigan and an Medical Doctor degree, was driven out of the United States and said to be poisoned in Brazil. Dr. Koch helped Williard Dow (of Dow Chemical) but this couldn’t save him from Federal authorities and the medical establishment. 

Dr Koch wrote of coenzyme Q10, before notables “discovered” it and also knew the Japanese would lead in its manufacture. We were inspired by Dr Koch’s legacy. 

There are others. 

The war of medical tyranny didn’t start with “COVID-19”—it started long ago. 

Since our inception, we’ve known the importance of detoxification and this is why we stress key products like S-Acetyl-Glutathione, Trace Mineral Complex and others. 


(Translated from the German magazine, raum & zeit, December 1985)

To the directors of technology firms– Gentlemen:
In response to your inquiry, I would like to present you with the facts about the toxicity of catalytic converters and related environmental hazards, from information submitted to us, up to October 1985.

In July 1985, some archive studies and comparative publications indicated that Aerpes II (Genital Herpes) was very frequently followed by an explosion of cancer of the ovaries or the uterine cervix, and also that AIDS (in the progressive stage) was especially frequent in the regions where catalytic technology is enforced. In contrast, we would like to point out the very low frequency of the lethal progressive type of AIDS in Central Africa in spite of the heavy infection, (Zaire and Rwanda) in contrast to London for example. The proportion of clinically manifest AIDS is extremely high in California. Information from California sources indicates that 3 to 5 years are necessary for the so-called incubation period–from infection to manifest AIDS.

Such a long incubation period is not scientifically logical in an immunological sense, and we must try to explain the AIDS explosion in light of other
factors, especially the breakdown of the gene repair system, which are responsible for counteracting the damage done by the virus. There is corresponding information on hand with regard to the Herpes II epidemic. The percentage of AIDS in Switzerland is (October 1985) 3 1/28 higher than in West Germany, and 5 to 8% higher than in the other important European countries. It might be added when the Swiss decided to burden their population with sodium fluoride, there was a dramatic rise in cancer. In Switzerland, not only was fluoride dispensed generously to the children, but it was also added to the table salt.

An Open Letter, p.2

Recently, in a letter to the Medical Tribune, Prof. Dr. G. Maass, Director of the Bacteriological State Research Office at Westfalen Muenster, defended himself against the claim that AIDS is being treated rather lightly in West Germany. It is true that the number of cases of AIDS, compared with the number of people infected, is much less in Germany than in California. While in Germany, the percentage is believed to be from one out of 500 to one out of 1000 (manifest sickness in relation to the number infected) in some parts of California there is a proportion of one to twenty or even one to five reported. It has been known for a long time that even tiny traces of Platinum are toxic and that it destroys the genetic surveillance system of the body. Dr. Mersmann* stated in a telephone conversation, that it has been found out that the extremely minute doses of atomic platinum in aerosols can be highly toxic. There is a search now to find the confirming literature from the archives. It so happens, that I have Dr. George Ham from New York in the hospital at this time. Dr. Ham was the scientific research executive with Ciba-Geigy in the U.S . . and is a well-known authority in the field of chemical technique in process research. He is also a friend of Dr. Donald Other who publishes an outstanding Chemical Engineering magazine, in the USA., and he is also a good friend of mine. Dr. Ham revealed that he had always had great reservations concerning the installation of the catalytic converter, but the projected consequences to human health were not at all unexpected. In a letter that he sent to me on September 21, 1985, Dr. Ham states that the federal safety regulations in the USA (and undoubtedly, the same is true in Germany\ absolutely forbid any contact with the open air during the platinum plating by the technicians in the construction of catalytic converters. The concentration of atomic platinum, especially in an aerosol has been researched with regard to the catalytic effect. From this, we know that 1 Milligram of Platinum is sufficient to critically poison one quadra kilometer of land when dispensed as an aerosol. The information given to me by Dr. Ham agrees perfectly with that given by Dr. Mersmann.*German physicist

An Open Letter, p.3

At a meeting in Cologne, on October 5, 1985, Dr. Volkrodt Informedmethatwhenhe was studying chemistry (1947-48) the specialists in the catalysis field expressed concern over the full effect of the interaction between atomic catalytic materials in the air and the organisms (e.g. humans) that breathed the air. Further inquiry at the University of Leipsig confirms this from the technical lectures of Professor Wolf, after the war. Since then, we have amassed more evidence concerning the harmful effect of platinum from the catalytic converter, a quite considerable amount, which indicates that we are now on the border of an absolute catastrophe.

I have just received a copy of the “Zeitschrift Science,” from which I would like to quote a few remarks from the pen of GinaKolata, one of the best analysts of modern science statistics: “In the last 3 to 4 years, we have seen a quite considerable increase in the incidence of cancer in the U.s. For such an increase, we must look for some additional cancer-producing factors in our environment. Something of considerable effect. Basically speaking, in a pharmacological sense, cancer-producing poisons must have about doubled.” What especially draws our attention, is the rise of so-called adenocarcinoma of the lung in the non-smoking woman–quite rare, up to now. They are produced, mainly through interaction with the herpes virus which has not been adequately inactivated. This is also true for lymph tumors of the nose and throat, and several other kinds of tumors. Several days ago, Professor Gushima of Japan called me. We have his wife here for treatment of her adenocarcinoma of the lung. (She is a non-smoker.) Professor Gushima reports the puzzling fact that there has been a large increase in adenocarcinoma (also with nonsmokers) in the large cities of Japan. You might say, an explosive increase, although according to all appearances and according to the official bulletins, the purity of the air has increased. Also, there has been a rise in adenocarcinoma of the lungs and we could mention others, following the installation of the catalytic converter, in this locality. Because there is a several-year incubation period after the catalytic installations, we have not yet reached the peak of the cancer explosion. Hypothesizing from the data of the last two years from the increasing frequency of adeno-lung tumors in the U . S . . and

An Open Letter, p. 4

Japan–and taking into consideration the constantly increasing pollution of the atmosphere, we can estimate an increase in cancer fatalities of about ten to fifteen thousand in the U. S.A. alone. The cancer fatalities in the U.S.A. have risen from 162 to 183 per 100,000 per year from 1962 to 1982, with an especially abrupt rise in lung cancer in the last four years. As I already stated, I have investigated the physical qualities of the catalytic converter in operation. The atomic platinum which is catalytically active is involved in a scalar-electromagnetic conversion function. This investigation turned up the fact that a catalytic converter in operation (as on the BMW 525, for example), quite unexpectedly was found to be a very strong electromagnetic emitter. This affects the whole body, and beyond for about 50 centimeters. When the auto is not running, there is no active electromagnetic emission. I have contacted Dr. Mersmann concerning this and asked him to research carefully the disturbance of the natural earth’s magnetic field by a catalytic converter in action. In addition to this, we have learned of physical effects–the disturbance causes biological harm. This was recently proven quite conclusively with research on animals, by tissue and cell research. These experiments proved that a lengthy stay in autos with the catalytic converter in operation causes unavoidable biological damage, including cancer and leukemia. The “incubation period,” averages between five and ten years for a subject spending two to three hours daily in an automobile. This is a rough approximation gathered from what we know about the tumor and gene defect-producing effects of geopathogenic zones and scroll waves. Note that this harmful effect is quite independent of inhaling the platinum-containing aerosol. We must add it to the other harmful effect. There is no doubt, whatsoever, that there is a continual loss of traces of platinum in the exhaust of a catalytic converter in operation–caused by a combination of mechanical stress, vibration, heat and acid torture. The amount is definitely far in excess of the amount proven dangerous when spread over the earth’s surface, per quadra kilometer, by Dr. Ham.

An Open Letter, p. 5

The qualified experts of the BMW firm in Munich, wrote me (September 1985), that the damage from the catalytic process was small enough to disregard it. They indicate in an official communication, that what harm the assembly workers suffered, was because the dust from the catalytic converters was not carefully sucked up. I will seek further information about this. I might make a comment: In a cross-section of the West German Republic, we will theoretically find up to 70 autos equipped with catalytic converters per quadra kilometer. 1.5 mg per quadra kilometer (4mg per quarter square mile) is already a potentially dangerous cancer-causing concentration of aerosol platinum. September 27, 1985, I heard from TV moderator Jack C. Paxton, a highly educated man, that in the U. S.A. especially in the polluted, highly populated city districts in California, there has been a strange, unexplainable rise in the frequency of adenocarcinoma of the lungs and ovarian cancer, about which the lay press has shown quite a bit of public concern. He also reported that a German-descended auto shop owner in Nebraska said that he tried to avoid working on catalytic converter-equipped cars because his mechanics became sick from them. In the spring of 1984, there was an article in the American “Science and Mechanics, referring to the considerable hazard to their health that auto mechanics experience when they work on catalytic converter assemblies or with similar work on catalytic converter-equipped autos. This report is corroborated by the husband of a patient from Billings, Montana. He stated that he was prematurely disabled with an obstructive lung disease, as a result of the catalytic converter effects. He said that there were about 10,000 mechanics in the U.S. who were affected similarly.

The reason for this seems to be the acids from catalytic converters. BMW admits that the catalytic converter produces nitric acid, but couldn’t the platinum in the exhaust discharge, also do serious harm? I was informed by the Greek industrialist, Emmanolidis Glyphada, in October 1985 that there had been an article in the Athens newspapers, about five months previous in relation to the probable cancer-causing effect of the exhaust gas from platinum catalytic converters. I have not been able to check on it yet.

An Open Letter, p. 6

We here at the Paracelsus Hospital now are simply drowning in a flood of patients from the U.S. One of the main reasons for this is the quite unexpected, you might say explosive, increase in adenocarcinoma of the lungs. I have written (Oct. 10, 1985) to some of the well-known cancer research personages, and to the president of the National Health Federation, to get more information about cancer morbidity in the U.S. The statistics that they submitted for the middle of October 1985 are extremely alarming! It would now be not at all unrealistic to say that we may now expect about 30,000 cancer deaths per year as a result of being exposed to platinum. We can expect roughly a five-year incubation period before the first tumors appear, and then a life expectancy of two to three years.

That is to say, we can expect this after the introduction of the catalytic converter on the market.* Due to this gruesome possibility, it is absolutely essential that the catalytic converter be banned immediately. Many experts from the universities in Zurich and Basel and Swiss industrialists have been warning us about the catalyzation technology dangers, some for about 1 1/2 years. Both expert metal toxicologists and physicians have called expressing their fears and adding their experiences–all reinforcing what I have already reported. I will gladly remain available for further questions, but I am afraid that I can do very little about the problem, from my position. If I should get more information that definitely confirms our suspicions, I will share it with you immediately. Undoubtedly there will be a considerable time period before we can be more specific about the facts that we have portrayed. It could possibly be that the stark reality could be much more horrifying. There will yet be a two to four-year delay before we can chart out the possible consequences with a fair degree of accuracy. By then many humans who are now healthy could be ill from the effects of the aerosol-distributed platinum. As by then, the platinum will have been distributed far and wide, we may, stating it bluntly, expect a health catastrophe of incredible proportion, a problem that cannot be cleaned up or reversed.*speaking in Germany.

An Open Letter, p.7

In view of the enormous uncertainty which is raised, it is my opinion that we must immediately stop the sale and use of platinum catalytic converter-equipped autos. We should take the same action that we do when other potential threats appear, spy affairs, the collapse of dams, etc. It is up to the government to take action. The existing governmental bodies must take immediate action. In September 1985, I received a call from a former vice president of Chrysler, who had been a patient of mine in the hospital about a year before. He told me that his firm had already debated the possible connection between the increase in cancer and in virus disease with the platinum catalytic converter. He shared the information that claims were already being filed against the auto industry, in this connection. This could also concern our German firms which make cars for the U.s. which are equipped with catalytic converters. The fact that the Washington powers (for example the EPA) have insisted on catalytic converters on imported cars, does not in any way release us from liability. Using the platinum catalytic converter in this form is simply out of the question, at this time.

The catalytic converter of an average-sized car contains about 1,500 mg. of platinum. This means that in a crowded traffic center, a million times as much platinum will be dispersed as was found to be harmful, a threat to the environment of horrible perspective. While platinum-containing medicine can be useful in slowing the spread of cancer, the effect of platinum from aerosols such as car exhaust is that of a very powerful radical. I, personally, can only express a very urgent warning, in the light of my personal observations, to take this warning of platinum toxicity very seriously. It is imperative that this situation be thoroughly researched and assessed by experts from an unbiased institution. Meanwhile, from the knowledge presented, it is imperative that we stop the use of the catalytic converter until it can be absolutely proven to be harmless. Yet, there is a very slim chance of this happening, as I see it. Dr. A. Nieper–Medical Department, Paracelsus Hospital, Silbersee, Hannover, W. Germany Past President of the German Society for Oncology.


The German physician who advised President Reagan–warns: CANCER FROM THE CATALYTIC CONVERTER.

“The exhaust from catalytic converters on autos is a cause of cancer!” warns cancer specialist, Dr. Hans A. Nieper, from Hannover, Germany. According to his interpretation, highly poisonous platinum is released into the environment during the operation of the catalytic converters. Even the tiniest amount can lead to a considerable health risk. Dr. Nieper demanded an immediate halt to the sale and use of catalytic converter-equipped automobiles. Legislation in the offing by the Bundesregierung, (the German Parliament), may soon make it mandatory that all cars with a large piston displacement, be equipped with catalytic converters–a vision of horror for all cancer specialists. This cancer suspicion should immediately lead to a rethinking of the situation. “It’s just like a crack in a dike,” exclaimed Dr. Nieper, “We never know how long it will hold, but we have to do something in a hurry.” We probably have two to four years before the cancer epidemic appears. Each catalytic converter uses 1 1/2 to 2 grams of platinum. Small amounts of this metal are emitted with exhaust fumes. “The platinum thus dispersed destroys the body gene repair mechanism, which inhibits the cancer cells. When the gene repair molecules (about 100 types are already known) are inhibited by the platinum, the immune system directed against viruses (AIDS, for example) is much weakened. How else can we explain why the number of AIDS cases in California is disproportionately high when many humans in Central Africa are infected with the AIDS virus (HTLV-III) without being sick? Swiss engineers, back in 1983, were already discussing the potential health hazard with catalytic converters. Last November, scientists at the Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Onkologie congress (cancer research meeting) expressed the opinion that the sudden rise in lung cancer in nonsmokers could very well be caused by platinum in the environment. A TUV in the Ruhr valley confirmed the toxicological fears in correspondence with Dr. Nieper. He stated that he shared the fears of many American doctors, that auto mechanics, especially those who are engaged in catalytic converter assembly, are extremely endangered. The TUV, however, did not release this information. When questioned, the speaker of the Bonn Department of Health said, “We haven’t gotten around to investigating it yet. Why doesn’t Nieper submit his research to us?” The famous chemist, Dr. Axel Friedrick, Berlin, an Environment Specialist, had this to say about Nieper’s fears- “pure drivel, a carnival pitchman’s theory. At the most, the German Waben catalytic converter disperses a milligram of platinum, no more, into the environment in a ten-year period. Besides, platinum hasn’t-even been proven to be cancerous. Friedrick further stated, “Dr. Nieper has an interest in a company in Oldenburg that is trying to develop some new-fangled type of motor. He doesn’t care about the catalytic converter, he is just trying to feather his own nest.

Dec. 10, 1985, Hamburg Abendblatt ((Evening Newspaper) published an article which carries the headline “CANCER THROUGH CATALYTIC CONVERTERS.”
Some anxious queries from our readers showed that there was some apprehension about this.
We asked for a further explanation from the author, Dr. Nieper. To quote Dr. Nieper, “I have never stated that cancer originates from catalytic converters. It is a fact, however, that with the introduction of the catalytic converter, there has risen considerable doubt factors concerning health deterioration. These seem to continually increase in importance. For verifying this, of course, we would need longer, and absolutely neutral research.”

In addition, a large West German TUV in the fall of 1985, in the U.S.A. inquired into Dr. Nieper’s allegation that thousands of American mechanics have lung disease from the catalytic converter assemblies, and found their fears fully justified.

Dec. 10, 1985, Hamburg Abendblatt also reported that Dr. Nieper prescribed medicine and recommended a special diet for President Reagan after his colon cancer operation. If you want to see what such a diet is like–well Dr. Nieper describes it in his latest book, Revolution in Medizin und Gesundheit, (Revolution in Medicine and Health) which you can find listed in the current list of top-selling books.

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