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Dr. Dean Burk was a pioneer who exposed the dangers of fluoride. Wikipedia’s biographical summary states that Burk enrolled in the University of California at Davis at the age of 15, transferring to the University of California at Berkley where he earned a B.A. and Ph.D.. Burk taught at Cornell University Medical School, was a research master at George Washington University. Burk received the Hillebrand price in 1952 for work on photosynthesis based on his collaboration with Otto Heinrich Warburg. Burk published more than 250 papers and was the head of the National Cancer Institute’s Cytochemistry Sector in 1938.

Burk fell out of favor after his retirement from the National Cancer Institute in 1974 when he published papers opposing the use of fluoride in water. His studies were criticized by his former colleagues at the National Cancer Institute. Burk supported the use of Laetrile and was tarred as a quack for doing so.

We publish this video because it was part of the early history of honest activism which, regrettably, when nowhere.

We published a chronological history that provides comprehensive detail for those wanting a complete picture of the fluoride issue.

While we applaud those still fighting the fluoride battle, we urge those new to the issue that this war has been fought for a long time, with no victories in the United States and much of the world.

Burk’s protégé, John Yiamouyiannis, was another well credentialed Ph.D. who met an untimely death at the age of 58.

Trying to raise public awareness and force “political” change mostly failed because grass-roots activists haven’t been able to educate enough of the public to force change.

Lawsuits, too, have failed because establishment scientists are credited while any study “against” fluoride is dismissed.

There are recent studies showing that fluoride is associated with lower IQ in children. FlourideAlert organization has filed a suit which is currently underway and is scheduled to be heard on January 29, 2024. There have been several delays to this suit.

Related to the larger “toxicity” issue, we must mention that the Wall Street Journal has reported on the fact that big telephone providers, such as ATT and Verizon, have known that the fact their cables have lead that leached into soil and water remains a concern to health. “AT&TVerizon and other telecom giants have left behind a sprawling network of cables covered in toxic lead that stretches across the U.S., under the water, in the soil and on poles overhead, a Wall Street Journal investigation found. As the lead degrades, it is ending up in places where Americans live, work and play.

The lead can be found on the banks of the Mississippi River in Louisiana, the Detroit River in Michigan, the Willamette River in Oregon and the Passaic River in New Jersey, according to the Journal’s tests of samples from nearly 130 underwater-cable sites, conducted by several independent laboratories. The metal has tainted the soil at a popular fishing spot in New Iberia, La., at a playground in Wappingers Falls, N.Y., and in front of a school in suburban New Jersey.”

As we reflect on this reporting, we wonder if this revelation will result in a bigger push for wireless technology, such as 5G, 6G and other radio-wave assaults, all of which has escaped any scrutiny of establishment outlets such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post.

We try not to be overly cynical but, establishment outlets rarely expose deep problems without an angle. The establishment is hell-bent on blanketing the skies with electromagnetic pollution, come hell or high water, because this technology aligns with their goals of heightened scrutiny and control. Both Mr. Trump and President Biden are on board with implementing such technology.

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