Carotecnews Comment: We are posting this outstanding lecture by Professor Olle Johansson from November 23, 2013. Professor Johansson’s lecture has many salient points which confirm our writings on the dangers of EMF for more than 30 years. We admire his humanity and recognition of those who suffer from noticeable EMF sensitivity. It’s a fact that EMF affects all—humans and animals especially. This lecture preceded 5G and the proliferation of satellite launches in the past 10 years. Professor Johansson seems earnest in his effort to contact world leaders, from notable politicians to the Pope. We stand by his admonition of having revealed the dangers of EMF and related technology: no reader can say you weren’t warned. Today, in America, there is bipartisan agreement to implement 5G, 6G and even more “tech.” Our health be damned.