Carotecnews comment: We are reprinting an article written by Carotec Co-Founder Tom Valentine from March 2002 (21 years ago) which highlighted the danger of Model State Emergency Health Powers Act.

Valentine exposed this as it was happening. As of March 2023, 40 states have adopted at least one provision of the act.

Today, we are noticing cries in the alternative media that the World Health Organization is working to have international power to “respond” to pandemics.

While we applaud all efforts to expose international plots to destroy liberty, there’s a danger in assuming that it’s only the UN/WHO against the United States of America. Or, the “globalists” versus the United States of America.

The alt media writers fail to address the fact that many of things they claim will happen under the UN/WHO already happened in the United States in 2020: the world was told we couldn’t “go back to normal” until we were vaccinated. The United States government had a back-door line to media companies to censor dissenting views on COVID-19.  It happened without WHO or the UN. Small businesses were destroyed and billionaires were made—all without the UN/WHO.

There was no informed consent for those who were given COVID-19 protocols. You couldn’t visit your loved ones in hospital or nursing homes. 

Americans ruthlessly enforced dictates on Americans.

We can’t forget that. We can’t blame a political party. This was a bipartisan “thing.”

Let’s clean up what’s “on the books” here. Let’s reverse state and federal laws.

We’ll never prevent it again if we revise history or shift attention to international entities. Never.

Wake up.

We print this article from March 2002 to show that the battle for your rights was happening long ago. Let’s start at the basics.

Pay attention! Our federal government is putting pressure, cajoling and possibly bribing State legislators to approve “emergency” laws that give governors and “public health” officials powerful authority to vaccinate you; quarantine you; ration, control and commandeer medicines and other items, including guns and other private property with simple declaration of “public emergency.”

This is not a joke. This utterly unconstitutional activity is going on in every state of the union, and has already passed, as of March 17, in Washington,
South Dakota and Wisconsin; but has been defeated in Wyoming.

On the True Health radio outreach, March 13, Dr. Jane Orient of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) pointed out that:

“The model legislation provided by the Health and Human Services department gives the Governor the power to declare himself dictator in case of ‘a public health emergency. Further, the Governor could delegate this awesome power to unelected political appointees in state and local public offices.”

According to the AAPS, this sweeping legislative model, which is now reflected by numbered bills in every state legislature, is so alarming that it is opposed by the American Legislative Exchange Council, the nation’s largest bipartisan, individual membership organization of state legislators.

However, if one thinks that such stiff opposition will stop this sweeping unconstitutional movement, it is time to think again and to make sure you let your state legislature know how you feel about it.

The proposed legislation, which not only has the urging of the Federal government but has a promise of money (bribe) attached, is already under consideration in several states including California, New York, Massachusetts, Maryland, Minnesota and Illinois and most states will be considering it during this year’s legislative sessions.

The model bill, provided by Tommy Thompson’s agency apparently operating under the auspices of the “war against terrorism” is titled Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MEHPA). Under the provisions of this model any governor, or appointee with the power, could do the following:

  1. Force you to take a vaccination or a medical treatment decided by the governor—or be arrested.
  2. Round you up and herd you into a public quarantine or isolation facility. Or take your children from your home to quarantine.
  3. Seize any of your property that the government deems may be necessary to cope with the emergency—including real estate, fuel, food, clothing, and communication equipment.
  4. Destroy property deemed or alleged to be hazard-ous—without due process, without recourse, without compensation.
  5. Conscript you or your business into State service.
  6. Impose rationing, price controls, and quotas; and control the transportation or any use of any item deemed “reasonable and necessary for emergency response,” specifically including firearms.
  7. Suspend any State laws or rules that might hinder the program.

Dr. Orient added, “the Governors do not have to consult the public health authority, the legislature or the courts. They will not have to answer to anyone, ever, for the consequences of their actions. HHS will probably try to bribe or coerce the states into passing this law by threatening to withhold federal funds for state Medicaid or other health programs.”

Andy Schafly, the attorney for AAPS appeared before the New York State Assembly committee reviewing this model legislation—Assembly Bill 9508—and provided strong arguments against the New York draft of the bill in its present form.

“This is a completely irrational—and unconstitutional—deprivation of legislative authority and responsibility. There is no justification for this shift of power from one branch of government to another. It means that a 2/3 vote of the legislature cannot stop the governor during the 60-day period. Not even a unanimous vote of the legislature can do anything.


“If the legislature is unanimously opposed to a declaration of a health emergency or if a 2/3 majority, or even a simple majority, as in other states, then it should be able to override the governor.”

Schafly pointed out that the model legislation, which was funded by the Centers for Disease Control, lists three references for the extraordinary provisions, and none of the references bare any resemblance to the New York proposal.

“Some may think that a health emergency could require a complete change in government, but the greatest crisis of all—a national declaration of war—can only occur by an act of Congress. When a real crisis arrives, legislative bodies are fully capable of acting quickly and forcibly.”

He emphasized that the checks and balances, for which our Constitutional government has been most noted, are most needed in times of crisis.

Schafly also stressed that New York’s proposed AB-9508 goes far beyond “bioterrorism” which is the purported reason for the Federal push in this matter. “It includes,” Shafly said of the bill, “every disease that ‘poses a substantial risk of a significant number of human fatalities or incidents of perma-nent or long-term disability.’ (Section 1020)

“Lyme disease in New York could be the basis for a declaration of a state public health emergency by the governor under the draft bill. Hepatitis B or any other widespread illness could be cited in declaring a health emergency.

“The bill uses a definition of ‘infectious disease’ that broadly includes virtually everything. It is defined to mean ‘a disease caused by a living organism…that may, or may not, be transmissible from person to person, animal to person, or insect to person’ (Section 1003 [6]) That sweeps far too much within the ambit of the legislation.”

The AAPS lawyer stressed also that no exceptions are in the bill for conscience or religious conviction.

Schafly made an important observation about “the striking differences” between individual choices and public health officials when the government mandates a vaccination because of a bioterrorism threat. He pointed out that when the government declared the anthrax vaccine safe and effective, the military were forced to take the vaccine. Personnel who declined were subjected to court martial.

“After the anthrax attack hit, the vaccine was provided to postal workers and members of the media. Only about 2% elected to be vaccinated. Under the draft legislation, the governor could simply order everyone to be inoculated with anthrax or any other vaccine. The manufacturer’s incentive to improve the safety of the vaccine is lost if everyone is forced to take it.”

Obviously, freedom of choice in that anthrax vaccine matter resulted in 98% of the postal people ignoring government and choosing for themselves, which is an important indicator fact, especially considering how the media hyped the anthrax scare at the time.

Schafly also argued against the provisions allowing for quarantine at the sole discretion of the health officials.

“It could order people out of their homes into dangerous quarantines where there would be no guarantee of safety from violence or contagious disease. Children would be removed from parents and thrown into public quarantine with others. The mere potential of removing children from homes is very frightening to most parents. Difficult medical decisions, including whether to accept or deny treatment, should be made without the added worry of how a health department official may react.”

Finally, Schafly pointed out the threat the proposed law makes against the privacy of medical records, especially prescriptions. The AAPS lawyer closed his argument by quoting George Annas, Chairman of the Health Law Department at Boston University School of Public Health:

“This law treats American citizens as if they were the enemy.”

At True Health we urge everyone to contact their state legislators and emphatically state their objections to passing such a draconian law. Anyone can check the website to get the number of the bill in any state.