comment: We post this interview to the news site because the late David McGowan was one of our favorite authors. This interview aptly tells the story of McGowan’s Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon.  What’s most intriguing about Weird Scenes is how very few have heard of Laurel Canyon, yet, this area held so much significance to the so-called “counter-culture” movement of the 1960s. Weird Scenes makes the case that the military/intelligence complex was inextricably linked to the “hippie” kids which were put forth as a spontaneous response. So many interesting facts were unraveled it’s impossible to say it was “coincidence” theory.

We posit that much of the alternative media (and health) may also be another intelligence project with an American city that hosts so-called alternative media, just as Laurel Canyon, was ground center for the counter-counter movement.