comment: We are posting this 90 second video by Dane Wigington because it highlights a plausible alternative explanation for January’s weather phenomena. Wigington also mentions the fact that fungal infections are on the rise as well as the prospect of a “new” virus which may jump from animals to humans. If one factors in the use of EMF triggering fungal, bacterial and viral outbreaks, there is potential for a pandemic.
The establishment is currently promoting the probability of a pandemic, named X, which will be much more deadly than COVID-19.
If this occurs, we will take issue with the claimed origin but the reality is that X may prove to be very detrimental to health.Readers should consider supplementing with high quality Italian-made Alpha Lipoic Acid, European made and highly bioavailable Milk Thistle, Propolis, Olive leaf and fruit extract, as well as Vitamin C with OPCs.